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About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Kyle Partlow and I have a passion for Game Programming and Design.

I grew up in Moreno Valley, CA, and lived there with my Mom, Dad, and two Brothers for 20 years. I first found a love of gaming while I watched my Mom play Final Fantasy IX as a kid. I even learned to read from the text boxes that would pop-up when characters would talk to each other! While actually playing games myself, I found a unique kind of happiness that pushed me to pursue learning about coding for game.

In May, 2016 I transferred from Mount San Jacinto Community College to Chico State and was accepted into the Computer Animation and Game Design Program in August of the same year. I stayed at Chico State for 3 years and graduated May, 2019 with a degree in Game Design.

I have two game published on Steam, Knighty Night, a dungeon crawler action game, and Back 2 School, an elementary school trivia game. I also have many other titles that can be found on such as Booze Brawl, a FPS action game where you get drunk and fight off bros at the bar, and The Hand That Feeds, an isometric, 3rd-Person beat-em-up. I have programmed in C#, C++, and Java, and mostly work in Unity3D doing almost everything, from Character Controllers to Back-End Data Management, since I have been the only programmer on most of my projects.

My personal end goal is not a particular studio or position. What I wish to achieve in the industry is to make games that can give the same kind of happiness to anyone that plays my games as I got while I was growing up playing games!