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About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Kyle Partlow and I have a passion for Game Programming and Design.

I grew up in Moreno Valley, CA, and lived there with my Mom, Dad, and two Brothers for 20 years. I first found a love of gaming while I watched my Mom play Final Fantasy IX as a kid. I even learned to read from the text boxes that would pop-up when characters would talk to each other! While actually playing games myself, I found a unique kind of happiness that pushed me to pursue learning about coding for game.

I graduated from Mount San Jacinto Community College in May, 2016 and then transferred to Chico State and was accepted into the Computer Animation and Game Design Program in August of the same year. I stayed at Chico State for 3 years and graduated May, 2019 with a degree in Game Design.

I have one game published on Steam, Knighty Night, and many other titles that can be found on such as Booze Brawl and The Hand That Feeds. I have programmed in C#, C++, and Java, and mostly work in Unity3D doing almost everything, from Character Controllers to Back-End Data Management, since I have been the only programmer on most of my projects.

My personal end goal is not a particular studio or position. What I wish to achieve in the industry is to make games that can give the same kind of happiness to anyone that plays my games as I got while I was growing up playing games!